Bradley Beach

Founder and CEO, Covellus

I have been designing product solutions for over 25 years. This is completely new way to think about how to design and use these products. For some types of catheter products, once the benefit is realized by the users there will be no going back to conventionally designed catheter products.

Mr. Beach is a successful entrepreneur and engineer. Since 2005, he has extensive experience designing, developing, and manufacturing catheter-based devices, specifically for peripheral vascular interventions. As the head of Research and Development and as the Chief Operating Officer for Flexible Stenting Solutions Inc., he invented a novel fracture resistance femoropopliteal stent and was instrumental in bringing it from concept through initial clinical use and regulatory approvals, ultimately to a successful acquisition by Cordis Corporation in 2013.

Additionally, in 2012, he co-founded a medical device contract manufacturer in India, MAJIK Medical Solutions Pvt. Ltd (MAJIK), and is still an active director.

Prior to 2005, Mr. Beach was involved in engineering, product development and manufacturing across multiple industries, including aerospace, transportation, manufacturing capital equipment, and consumer products. This broad, more generalist engineering background has been beneficial in applying different thinking to interventional catheter devices.