Ehrin Armstrong, MD, MSc, FACC, FSCAI, FSVM

Medical Director, Adventist Heart and Vascular Institute at Adventist Health

I like the idea of combining a focal high-pressure balloon distal to my standard long PTA balloon. I could see using that on a really routine basis.
I also like the idea of an Aspiration Adapter combined with a balloon. It has some utility, depending on the case. In fact, last night I had a thrombotic SFA case, I aspirated out a bunch of clot before ballooning but it would have been useful to have a way to aspirate as I was ballooning the stenosis, in case there was residual clot that could embolize. An Aspiration Adapter could mitigate the time and effort to use another device like a filter.
These are 2 great examples of combining functions with a balloon.

Dr. Armstrong is an interventional cardiologist and vascular specialist and medical director of the Adventist Heart & Vascular Institute. Prior to joining Adventist Health in 2021, Dr. Armstrong was professor of cardiology at the University of Colorado and director of interventional cardiology at the Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center.

Dr. Armstrong is a specialist in endovascular treatment for advanced peripheral artery disease, using advanced techniques to solve blockages in the cardiovascular system. Dr. Armstrong is a dedicated researcher and is currently involved in the oversight and conduct of multiple clinical trials.

Dr. Armstrong has published over 300 peer-reviewed articles in major cardiovascular journals. He holds several leadership positions in national societies, including being a board member of VIVA, a multidisciplinary nonprofit dedicated to the care of patients with vascular disease.  He regularly speaks at national and international cardiovascular meetings.