Gary Ansel, MD, FACC

President and Chief Medical Officer: Healthcare Insights
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine. University of Toledo

When Covellus first showed me this technology, my mind started thinking about editing live taped cases for conferences or educational purposes. For those taped cases we would edit out all the moments when I asked someone to run to another lab or storage area to get a different catheter device. We would edit out a significant amount of non-procedure time during many of the cases. This was a significant amount of time being needlessly wasted. It occurred to me that the Covellus Modular approach could potentially change this completely. I could envision keeping so much more of what I might need during a procedure, right in the Cath lab. Devices could more often be right there. You have no idea how often a staff member would bring back the wrong thing or nothing because it is difficult to know exactly what is devices are in stock at those other storage locations, It can be incredibly frustrating.

Dr. Ansel is an internationally renowned interventional expert, both in peripheral vascular and cardiovascular procedures. He has served as an invited faculty member at many of the largest cardiovascular conferences and medical meetings around the world.

Dr. Ansel was the Associate Medical Director of the OhioHealth Research and Innovation Institute. He has served as the primary investigator for numerous national and international research trials helping to develop improved patient care to those suffering with peripheral and cardiovascular disease. Dr. Ansel developed numerous industry sponsored training courses attended by national and international physicians.

Dr. Ansel has been the System Medical Chief for the OhioHealth Vascular Program – and formed and directed the OhioHealth Vascular Institute, the first multi-institution, multi-specialty Vascular Institute in the United State.  Dr Ansel’s academic affiliation is with the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Toledo Medical Center, Toledo, Ohio where he has been an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine.

Dr. Ansel was a founding board member of the Vascular Interventional Advances Conference (VIVA), a non-profit organization dedicated to the integrated education and research of vascular disease.

Dr. Ansel created the Ansel Sheath (Cook Medical, Bloomington, IN) which has been the leading interventional vascular access device in the field.  He has numerous patents and has been a consultant for numerous small and large medical device companies.

Dr. Ansel also created the POUNCE thrombectomy device (Surmodics, Minneapolis,MN) a device simplifying the extraction of a wide range of thrombi and emboli.

Dr. Ansel has published extensively in the field of Cardiovascular Medicine. He has contributed to journals such as The New England Journal of Medicine, Circulation, Journal of Endovascular Therapy, Catheter and Cardiovascular Intervention and The American Journal of Cardiology as well as authored many medical book chapters.