Modular Catheter Architecture

Covellus opens the box, unlocking the potential of Modular Thinking

Over the past 40 years, transcatheter interventions have become increasingly important in the treatment of patients with a variety of vascular and non-vascular conditions.

Once limited to dilations, ever-innovating physicians have since steadily evolved and expanded the therapeutic applications for transcatheter interventions. However, the basic catheter architecture has not changed and remains conventionally designed as a unitary assembly performing a specific set of functions.  This conventional approach requires a larger number of increasingly specialized devices for more applications, limiting treatment options, and slowing innovation.

At Covellus we have a vision for a different way? The Modular Catheter Architecture brings the advantages of modular product systems to the world of interventional catheters.

Shorter Timelines

between a device concept and sales opportunity

Reduced Costs

manufacturing and inventory costs

Greater physician access

to more catheter configurations and features

Doing More With Less:
The Covellus Story

Modularly Developed,
Intuitively Designed

Our Modular Catheter Architecture is the natural, elegant,
next step in advancing interventional catheter technology.

Covellus Mission

To empower physicians, manufacturers, and hospital systems to do more with less by replacing conventional unitary catheter designs with the industry’s first modular catheter systems, making healthcare smarter and more efficient.
Industry Benefits