The Covellus Solution

Since the first peripheral vascular PTA balloon intervention more than 40 years ago, conventionally designed, unitary catheter assemblies have been used to advance interventional therapeutic techniques throughout the body.

Thinking differently about Catheter Solutions

While these single purpose devices work, there is no means to configure them for a specific procedural situation and some device types require dozens or hundreds of stock keeping units to be a viable product. A solution to this limitation can be found by looking at other product types in other industries… Modular product systems that can be configured by the user to meet a variety of specialized demands.

Covellus leans on this idea to reimagine many common catheter types. Thinking differently about Catheter Solutions through the lens of our patented Modular Catheter Architecture can unlock ideas to advance the state of care in many critical areas, ushering in a new era of agile Modular Catheter Systems.

Modular Balloon System

Our first product, the Modular Balloon System, is a revolution in peripheral endovascular balloon catheter products, destined to become the standard solution in all care settings.

Modular Catheter Architecture

The basic features of the Covellus Modular Catheter Architecture consist of two modules:

— a Parent Catheter that can have any features of a conventional unitary catheter and
— a Distal Adapter that has its own set of independent features.

The Universal Interface couples the two modules together, forming a unique Catheter Solution which seamlessly functions like a conventional unitary catheter product, familiar to all users, but without the historical drawbacks.

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Empowering Physicians to Elevate Procedure Performance

The Modular Catheter Architecture is a new Design and Use Paradigm. With it, Covellus envision three distinct Modular System Platforms to develop products, Modular Catheter Systems.
Covellus has used the 035 Hybrid Platform to develop our first Modular Catheter System Product, the Modular Balloon System.

The Modular Balloon System is a completely new way to conceptualize Balloon Catheter Solutions for Peripheral Vascular, Venous, AVF flow dysfunction and other interventions.

With the Modular Balloon System, physicians are empowered to adapt their standard PTA balloons, turning them into other commonly used Balloon Solutions, like .014”, .018”, and monorail balloons, or combine functions not available otherwise, like adding IVUS or a distal focal high-pressure balloon with the base PTA balloon.

Modular Balloon System

The Covellus Solution-
A Modular Catheter Demonstration

Using the 035 Hybrid Platform, we have reimagined the idea of Balloon Catheter Solutions for peripheral arterial, venous, hemodialysis dysfunction, and other interventions. No longer is a unique product family needed for each type of balloon catheter…

but rather the .035″ Parent Balloon is ALSO your:

  • .014 & .018 balloon solution
  • rapid exchange balloon solution
  • cutting or scoring balloon solution
  • drug coated balloon solution
  • combined focal high-pressure balloon solution
  • combined imaging and balloon solution
  • combined aspiration and balloon solution
  • combined crossing and balloon solution
  • radial access balloon solution
  • and many other possible combinations

This is a paradigm shift. It changes HOW all stakeholders think about designing and using balloon catheters in these procedures.

Modular Thinking can be used to empower physicians to elevate procedure performance to bring advanced and improved care to more patients.

Fewer Steps & Less Time

Smarter and More Efficient Procedures

There are a lot of steps during percutaneous and minimally invasive interventions. If you can eliminate a few of these steps and reduce the waiting time between steps, the minutes saved can add up to be substantial. Shorter procedures generally have lower complication rates, less contrast, less radiation, less physician and staff fatigue, and a better patient experience.

The Modular Balloon System is the vehicle to create these efficiencies.

A Physician’s Perspective –
Healthcare Insights President, Dr. Gary Ansel

Workflow Efficiencies

Efficiencies around the procedure by leveraging the reduction in SKU complexity offered by our Modular Systems to keep more of the Catheter Solutions a physician might need in the Cath Lab, at arms reach and not in a remote location. There are several problems with NOT having Catheter Solutions in the Cath Lab and NOT visible to the physician.

  • One, they must wait for balloon and catheter products, which disrupts the flow and elongates the time of the procedure.
  • Two, they can’t see exactly what catheter products are available so there is some guess work and ambiguity in getting the next catheter device.
  • Three, they must weigh the downside of the extra time to fetch a catheter device versus having the optimal Catheter Solution.

Interventional Efficiencies

Efficiencies in the procedure by combing steps or eliminating guidewire and catheter exchanges during the procedure. Tools to make your procedures smarter and more thoughtful.

There is a push for physicians to be more efficient and for hospitals and other care setting to treat more patients per day. The Modular Catheter Architecture is here to make procedures Smarter and more Efficient.